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glass studio - artist

       I have always realized that I perceive the world at two different points of view. The first one is technical showing me a world full of wonderful inventions that make our lives easier and more comfortable. Thanks to an interest of technical amenities I decided to study electrical engineering at the high school and later at the university where I reached master's degree. Using information gained from my studies I can better understand the technical aspects of our world which fascinate me and are amazing to discover and use.

glass studio - artwork

       From the second point of view I see various colors, shapes, materials and structures that surround us. Perceiving of beauty of ambient world and necessity to express my feelings brought me to painting pictures and to variety of art techniques. Desire for discovering new creative areas led me to the technology of fused glass that charmed me by it's elegance and wide possibilities of art processing. I collected the information and necessary equipment... and my fascinating journey with glass has started ...