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Wave-Original Glass Sculpture-Unique Lighting Wave-Original Glass Sculpture-Unique Lighting-detail 1
Wave-Original Glass Sculpture-Unique Lighting-detail 2


Title:   Wave
Technology:   Fused and slumped glass, LED lighting
Size:   69" x 18" x 3"   ( 175 x 45 x 8 cm )
Description:        The unique art sculpture gives very expressive and interesting impression. It attracts by shape, color and uncommon structure. The backlighting emphasizes the central part greately enhances the overall impression and makes the creation highly decorative element.
Technical    description:        The object is made of colored glass and crystal and fused together. Then the fused glass is slumped over the original created mould. The outstanding middle part is a mixture of red and orange glass, side parts are a combination of clear glass and white opal. The whole artwork is covered with a layer of crystal that emphasizes the internal structure. The surface is smooth and shiny. The sculpture is mounted on three bolts on the base plate of stainless steel. ( The plate is the same shape but a little smaller that it isn't visible.) The lighting is integrated into the base plate in the form of LED light strips that flank the central part. This method affords highlighting of the central part and soft illumination of both sides. The transformer for LED lighting is placed on the base plate.
Glass quality - Bullsseye art glass
Elektricity:   230V / 50Hz
Weight:   44 lb   ( 20 kg )
    Each artwork is accompained by a Certificate of Authenticity